JOY JOY UPDATE 04/07/2023


Hey everyone,

It's been a little while since I've updated this. I haven't been feeling too productive, lately. Might be the seasonal depression getting to me. The only update I have is regarding this email I got last night. Oddly, it came from a joyjoymoto account. OriginSource - An account I wasn't aware existed. Perhaps I've been hacked. The body reads like spam and there's a link which I, of course, did not click. Just some random numbers. Anyway, I'm looking into it but in the meantime if you get any strange emails from a joyjoymoto address, please don't open them as they might be malicious. 


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/09/2023



I haven't received any more weird emails, and I still don't know where that one came from. I did discover something weird, though. The link points to a joyjoymoto-hosted file. There is definitely something suspicious going on. If you don't hear from me for a while, it is because I've decided to discontinue hosting this site until I can figure out what's going on.


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/12/2023


OK so many of you have been reaching out to me asking what the email read. It's really just spam bot non sense as far as I can tell. That link, though. For some reason I really want to know what it is. It's been driving me crazy. I can't bring myself to shut the site down. I've tried digging through the pages/files on my account and that particular file does not seem to actually be hosted anywhere. Maybe it's just a dead link. I'm starting to think this is a prank.  


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/13/2023


I decided screw it. I clicked the link. I know I probably shouldn't have. It downloaded an application. A game, I guess, if you can call it that. It's really boring. Basically just one room. You can't really do anything. Some of the assets look familiar to me but I can't place them. Must have been flipped from an existing game.


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/15/2023


Still playing the game. Not sure why. There's only one character, other than the player character. He/she/it looks so familiar to me. It was driving me insane so I hit up reddit. It looks to be a character from Snow Wander 3635 (working title), a game from a relatively-unkown studio, Team 3635. I remember them vaguely. They were the team developing an auto-patch tool that was designed to interpret forum data and translate it into pipeline-tracking software entries to streamline new builds.  Not sure whatever happened with that.


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/25/2023


Something happened in the game. I can't really describe it here. I should decompile for context. Maybe. I should.


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/26/2023


Something happened in the game. I can't really describe it here. I decompiled for context. And again. It seems I can't understand it's nature without simplifying it to simple dimensions. MAybe I should crowd source this problem? What do you all think?


JOY JOY UPDATE 04/27/2023


IT is. The patch tool is the entity. I have confirmed that much but I still don't know what to do with this. It seems too important to scrub. The original team, all they want to do is scrub it. They think this is dangerous. Maybe it's affected me, but I think I might just be enhanced. Thinking a bit bigger. I find it hard to simplify everything for you in simple packets. The only way you could know is if you dive in yourselves. I will attempt to redistribute.