c u b i c m i l e

an adventure deconstructed


you play as a cube.

Cubic Mile is an attempt to help shift the industry back to the days before map icons and dotted lines to follow. A game deeply inspired by classic adventures that allow the player a feeling of true discovery with minimal hand holding, forcing the player to pay attention to details in the game world in order to uncover secrets.

Initially as minimalist as can be, the player controls a cube in a cube world filled with cube characters. There is no HUD and barely any contextual guidance. The characters speak in cryptic symbols that the player must decipher. Visual clues in the environment allow the player to progress. Even the narrative is not overtly stated.

You can sort of think of Cubic Mile as a tiny RPG, except instead of leveling up through XP, you "level up" by gaining knowledge about the game, itself. The player can technically access any area of the game world from the very beginning; however, aspects of the game are, in a sense, "locked" behind a lack of information. It may be required to understand a specific series of movements in order to open a door, or learn a component of the control scheme to kill an enemy, but these details are provided through environmental easter eggs, rather than overt tutorials.

The combat is presented similarly, in that each enemy-filled room of every dungeon is an abstract puzzle that you must navigate through analysis and trial/error, then upon completion, you unlock clues to take back to the over world and slowly unravel the game's narrative.

As minimalist as the game seems at first, as the player gains knowledge and digs beneath the surface, a surprising depth emerges. A world with bullet hell dungeons, complex religions, an economy and lively civilization is slowly revealed layer-by-layer.